The Story Machine Program

The Story Machine comes to Table Rock Elementary Schools!

The Story Machine comes to Table Rock Elementary Schools!

Our Story Machine Program is a whole-school, K-5 literacy program. We provide a 3-week long literacy instruction workshop, taught by a literacy specialist with expertise in instructing students on crafting quality, imaginative stories; publish all complete, original student work (writing & illustrations) in a book made available in school and public libraries; create a live show of original student work, developed and performed by professional actors; perform the show created from student work at the participating school for the entire student body. Explore our curriculum menu for the right version of our Story Machine Program for your school.

Check out the amazing student writing, developed into Story Machine Program performances!

The Button Presser. Written by Zane Whitely, age 8. 

Elsa is so excited to do Stories Alive again and publish a book on her own, plus now her cousin wants to try Stories Alive. Thank you for all the support and encourage you give!

— -Erin, parent